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Sleek and sexy, this Innokin SmartBox Starter Kit is an intelligent e cigarette that offers a superior vaping experience without any complexity or confusion. The kit comes with a high performance, iSub V atomizer and interchangeable coils for both sub-Ohm and standard, cigarette style vaping. The SmartBox will automatically switch into the best mode for your preferred vaping style.

Choosing your first high performance e cigarette kit can be confusing. Do you go for a device with a tighter, cigarette style draw, or a sub-Ohm kit with better cloud volume and flavour? This inexpensive, SmartBox starter kit will automatically switch between both styles without any fuss, or fiddling with complicated settings.

With this automatic e cigarette starter kit there are just a few simple controls to deal with. After you’ve fitted your chosen iSub V atomizer/coil combo and filled the 2ml tank with e juice, simply press the ‘fire’ button to vape.

Instead of a confusing display of technical information, the Innokin SmartBox has a simple LED which automatically highlights which type of atomizer coil you are using. A green light indicates that you are using a ‘mouth to lung’ (MTL) coil with a cigarette style draw. A white light is displayed if the SmartBox detects that you have fitted a ‘direct to lung’ (DTL) coil for sub-Ohm vaping. Amazingly, the SmartBox will automatically adjust the on-board electronics to give you the best possible vape for your chosen atomizer and coil combination.

If you would like a little more flavour from your vape, you can reduce the airflow by turning the airflow adjuster on the base of the iSub V atomizer tank. If you’d like a cooler vape (or bigger clouds) just open up the airflow with the adjuster.

Innokin are one of the leading manufacturers of modern e cigarette devices. Innokin’s tiny SmartBox starter kit is smooth, sleek and incredibly well designed. With its long list of safety features, you can use this low-cost, automatic vaping kit with total confidence.

The Innokin SmartBox Starter Kit has a choice of co-ordinated Silver, Black, Red, Blue or Purple case colours.


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Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Purple

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