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The Innokin iTaste EP iClear16 starter kit is the successor to the previous very popular Innokin EP iClear10 Starter kit. The iClear 16 version comes coupled together with an iClear 16 clearomizer which has a larger liquid chamber of 1.6ml compared to the iClear10 clearomizer which had only a 1.0ml capacity. The iTaste EP battery itself originates from the design of the Innokin iTaste VV 3.0 (without the variable voltage capacity) and uses an 700 mAh poly Li-Ion battery with a 3.7 Volts preset. The iTaste EP also has a battery level indicator using green, yellow or red LED lights on the power button itself. Innokin have incorporated, their usual advanced safety features such as over vape and short circuit protection. The battery utilises the 3 Click safety protection system ensuring device is not activated accidentally when in your pocket and also has automatic cut off feature if button is continuously pressed for 10 seconds or longer.

The starter kit is available in a range of colours including black, blue, purple, red, white or stainless steel.

1 x Innokin iTaste EP battery 700 mAh poly Li-Ion battery
1 x Innokin iClear 16 single coil clearomizer (1.5 ohms resistance)
1 x USB charger
1 x Operation manual

Reliable entry level starter kit
Easy top fill clearomizer
LED Battery level indicator (Green= Good charge left, Yellow=half charge left, Red=requires charging)
Short circuit protection (protection again faulty atomizers)
Over charge protection
10 second auto cut off feature
Low voltage warning
3 Click safety feature
Choice of 6 colours; black, blue, purple, red, white or stainless steel.

Replacements parts:
Replaceable Innokin Dual Coil clearomizers or clearomizers can be purchased in store from our accessories section

All product warranty details are detailed on our terms & conditions page here.

iTaste battery can be used with the all eGo/510 threaded devices.


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Purple, Red, Blue, Black, Silver

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